P2P–IPP Shipping Tracking

P2P–IPP Shipping Tracking allows shippers to track shipments as they are picked up and delivered. However, the shipment tracking system helps businesses monitor the progress of their packages, with the ability to print shipping labels and display package locations on a map. P2P–IPP Shipping Tracking is available through UPS’s Package-Tracking Solutions, a suite of Web-based shipment-management tools that help companies streamline the supply chain and make informed business decisions.


With this system, you can prioritize the order of parcel delivery when they arrive in multiple locations. You will also have access to features such as a detailed tracking log, which comprises numerous events throughout each stage of your shipment.

How to use P2P–IPP Shipping Tracking?

The P2P–IPP Shipment Tracking function allows you to monitor your package’s journey in transit. Here’s how it works:

1. After receiving a tracking number from the shipping carrier, enter this number into the P2P–IPP Shipment Tracking subpage.

2. So, the information on the main Product Page will be updated to reflect the details offered by the carrier.

3. View the route of your shipment, including delivery checkpoints and estimated arrival times at these checkpoints.

P2P–IPP is a solution designed to improve the tracking information flow for your shipping carriers. By implementing P2P-IPP, your company can not only increase the efficiency of the process but also can reduce the effort of data manipulation with an import and export.

What if your package is lost or damaged?

If your package is lost, damaged, or stolen for any reason, they will work with you and the shipping company to assist in filing a claim and having the appropriate reimbursement sent to you. This valuable service has been created specifically to help individuals and small companies ship their packages through the P2P network.

Can I make changes to the order?

Yes. If there are any changes that you need to make to the way that your shipment will be handled, You can make changes to the order until the shipment of your parcel is generated. After that, the status of your shipment cannot be changed. this can be done much easier by contacting support staff through our online helpdesk system.

How long does it take for an order to arrive?

Your shipment will be sent to you via P2P–IPP Shipping. The working days for delivery are from Monday through Saturday, except for public holidays. P2P–IPP Shipping operating hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. On average, So, it may take 2-4 days for domestic shipping, and 15 days for international delivery.

P2P–IPP Shipping Tracking is a global tracking system that uses the Internet to help businesses track the package during transport and instantly update clients about their order’s location. Visit Novex Courier.

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